Teal, a stunning 19 year old girl from Oregon with crystal blue eyes and a wide comfortable mouth, is hungry for sperm and shows up in a flowery sun-dress wearing no panties.

Sexy nerd Dakota is back, and she has brought her equally nerdy friend Addie for a peter give heading threesome with Ray. The girls take turns licking his big peter, then Ray pounds Dakota’s tight pussy & shoots a big load of jizz all over her nerdy glasses!

Finally, we have the video of our very first encounter with the lovely Veronica. 5’2″ tall and only 19 years old with a raming body, a pretty face and gorgeous blue eyes. Veronica tongues and bangs Ray’s big rod like a wild woman and eats all the seman!

Brand new 18 year old Nadia absolutely “loves the dong.” She is here to show us how much.

Not only is this Mia Jemsen’s (Molly Bennett) video debut, it’s only the second phallus she’s ever held — AND it’s her first time swallowing!

Madelyn swings by Ray’s place for her oral audition. She brings along her friend Maddy, who just “came to watch.” Yeah right! Once the fun begins, Maddy can’t control herself and jumps in for a nice pound and lick session!

Angel is an adorable 21 year old Ray met at a local electronics store. Angel is intrigued, but also a little nervous. When she pulls Ray’s pecker out, that all changes.

Sky is a sexy 18 year old rocker girl from Long Beach, California. She has amazing eyes hidden behind thick nerdy glasses and a big smile full of braces! Sky is here to tongue wiener, taste cum & swallow for the first time.

Hot 19 year old Mandi is a REAL college coed! She’s a business accounting major at a very famous local university which shall NOT be named. Ray invites her over to his place for some “extra credit” in the form of a hot tongue & bone session!

Alexis is a tall 24-year-old beauty from Tampa, Florida. She has a pretty face, a hot mouth, and an amazing pair of Double-D’s. Ray has his pal Justin come over and the boys give Alexis a double wiener audition!


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