Gia Costello: Home Is Where The Hottie Is

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Busty MILF Gia Costello likes to keep a tidy house, except when she gets distracted by the urge to have an orgasm. And that time came just as Gia was beginning to straighten out the living room.

“Since I began webcamming and doing videos, I don’t masturbate as much as I used to because I masturbate all day. The guys request that I use toys and play with myself all the time. I’m pretty sexually satisfied after that.”

Gia gets loads of messages of every kind, 24/7.

“I have been offered some ridiculous sums to do meet ups, so much that you know they can’t be serious! Some guys just pretend to have lots of money because they think it will get my attention! I had one guy literally pretend to be a doctor!”