Hi I’m Sally D’Angelo and I’m addicted to Mandingo phallus. I’m married and some say I’m a whore, I guess it is what it is, but the truth is no white man can satisfy me. I just have to screw black wiener, I just can’t get enough… So here is my story. I was at the Country Club the other night, without my husband of course, looking for some hot black joint. MMMM and there he is. I slipped over to make sure he had the right equipment before I took him home, 10″ rod BTW. Small talk leads to pillow talk (when I’m on the hunt). He’s a little leery to come back to my place, but I persuade him all’s going to be fine, REAL FINE. Besides, he wants some of this white married cunt and I’m just the girl to give it to him. We end up raming the night away, right in my married bed. He spends the night. Mandingo dick, white cunt, boneing, licking, animal lust, and seman shot. I give head his tool and let him have me any way he wants, I’m HIS whore tonight. Production Note: as you know, every once in a while a new male talent shows up on the scene, most are ho hum, but this guy “Edge” is certainly a shoe in for AVN in 2016, as I brought you Stallion last year (AVN new comer of the year 2015). Edge will certainly join him in 2016.


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