Nila Goes To The Gym

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Nila Mason goes to her fitness center for a workout and, of course, she’s going to distract everyone. The place turns out to be deserted except for one man. Nila (pronounced Nee-la) checks out Michael lifting weights and he checks her out. Their eye-flirting begins. Nila begins her workout while Michael tries not to drop a weight on his foot. He can’t stop looking at her big tits and thick, strong body.

Nila gets on a workout roller tummy-down. After watching her butt in action, Michael moves over to the bench next to her and starts to do presses. Nila can’t help but notice his dick poking out of his shorts. There’s always one guy who goes commando at the gym.

Nila stops working out and reaches for his cock. She takes it in hand and pulls on it. He doesn’t drop the weight on his neck and miss an opportunity to sex it with the great Nila Mason. Nila gives him the blow job and tit-fuck of his life. After that experience, they hit the mat for some floor work of the horny kind.