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Nikky Wilder likes “dirty humor.”

“I think sex talk made into jokes is hilarious,” said Nikky. Like all girls, she likes to hear compliments if they’re done right and done smooth.

“I love attention. I love getting checked out and getting hit on. Twitter has great compliments and horrid ones. Telling me something like ‘You have amazing eyes’ or ‘You have a great smile’ is super sweet. Guys with dick pics Tweeting ‘You do this to me’ are not such great compliments.

“I feel sexy when I make eye-contact with a guy or a girl and they smile at me, then look at my chest. I like guys who have a great sense of humor and don’t try to be anyone other than themselves.”

If you live in Nikky’s world, you’re in a good place. We all want more girls just like Nikky.