Stella woke up on the bare bed again and her wrists tied behind her back. Luckily her legs were free but her Master came in before she could get away. How does he get her here? She has to know. No matter how much trash she talks to him, he punishes her, slaps her around, smears her spit all over her face and torments her with his rock hard boner.

Kimmy’s Master wanted to see her again. He says she’s become a good sex slave and taken to his training well. Her throat was still sore from the last session. But she wanted him to use her pussy again. She loves taking his big dong no matter how he wants it. She loves when he ties her up. He does it extra tight, especially around her breasts and wrists. She couldn’t take the tease anymore. She needs his pecker! She wanted it down her throat and far up her cunt in the rough manner he’s so good at. She loves feeling like his slut to be used whenever he wants.

We’ve found another curious Latina hottie who definitely loves sex of all kinds. She’s done some BDSM play yet not at the level we offer here at Sexual Disgrace. We definitely want to see if she can endure her own disgrace. Fetish Network presents Valentina. She’s introduced to our trusty Sybian pokeing machine, a delightful surprise for all of our sex slaves. Next, he brings her down onto a crate on her back, arms and legs tied spread apart, giving him full access to her cunt and mouth for face hammering.


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