Opening scene: Gorgeous bare-assed Persephone laying on a velvet-sheathed bed erotic paintings and high-heels all over the room.
Slave Donnie is ordered into the playroom. His task, to dress his Mistress in a magnificent purple Discipline Body Corset Ensemble and incredible purple mid-thigh lace-up boots with 5 heels!
This complex body ensemble with its multiple straps, buckles and laces has Donnie struggling his intolerant Mistress fuming
Fade-in: Donnie tugging Persephones beautiful leather boots up her shapely legslacing them tight. Then lovingly tongueing her boots and licking her heelsshe rides him, hand spanks his behind, then utilizes more serious implements of butthole punishment.
The final scene finds Mistress Andi in the Rack Room, awaiting Persephone and Donnie. Wrists and head strapped into a wooden yoke, Donnie is made to perform. Donnie is cuffed to the spanking rack, then sadistic Andi tightly ties his throbbing cock and balls, whipping his vulnerable erection as Persephone spanks his anus
Both Mistresses delight in lashing his behind as poor slave Donnie wiggles to the wicked song of their whips.


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