Workout With Cameron Skye at

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It’s workout time for the sexy and statuesque Cameron Skye. Now, Cameron could join a fitness center but she’d be getting hit on constantly by horny guys so it’s better for her to workout at home. She has a personal trainer to help her out with different positions. Allow us to show you a typical training day when Jay Crew assists Cameron at

As you can see, Jay provides a hands-on approach and Cameron provides the delicious body to get hands-on with. Even wearing only booty shorts and a lightweight top, Cameron gets hot, so she first removes her top and then her shorts during her workout. Jay also gets overheated training with Cameron so he drops his shorts too.

This is an invitation for Cameron to taste Jay’s dick, then suck it hands-free and wedge it between her breasts for a titty-fuck. She turns around to show Jay how nice her ass has gotten from all these workout sessions. He shows his admiration by fucking her from behind. After he licks Cameron’s pussy, they’re ready for the next workout position. That would be Cameron getting fucked in missionary with her bare feet raised high.

Cameron has always been an athlete. She swims, runs and works out.

“I have strong legs. I love to lift weights and stuff. I like to be strong. I think my boobs are so noticeable that most people just don’t come up to me and say, ‘Hey, you have great legs.’ It’s usually, ‘Wow, I can’t believe how big your boobs are!'”